Advent and Black Friday

It seems quite ironic that these two dates fall so close to each other but are so different from each other. Advent is a time where we reflect and meditate on the coming of our Lord while Black Friday encourages shoppers to aggressively find the best deal and shop as much as possible.  Even for those who claim that they don’t go Black Friday shopping, the constant bombardment of advertising can be quite deafening. Just looking at my email inbox, every few hours I get a few emails reminding me about all the deals that I am missing.  Come to think of it, I can actually find one thing in common between Advent and Black Friday…it’s the waiting part. Advent calls for us to wait to be refreshed by our Saviour’s birth while Black Friday urges shoppers to wait in line outside electronic stores. In this season, may we all remember that Christ is the focal point of observing Advent and celebrating Christmas.


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