Waiting on God (First Day) – Andrew Murray

In the first chapter of the book, Murray points out that waiting on God is the natural state of man before the fall (para 18). I think this point was very helpful to me as I tried picturing Adam in the Garden of Eden. Perhaps due to the picture Bibles I used to read as a child, I have always pictured Adam as more or less sitting around, eating fruits, and walking around aimlessly through the trees. Yet Murray reminds us that we were always created to be in dependence of God. God didn’t just create the human race and plopped them onto the Earth; He specifically made us to always exist in relation to Him.  Murray further asserts that even regenerate people are still in dependence of God as He is Giver of everything that Christians need to live a holy, righteous life (para 19).

After reading Day 1, I can certainly appreciate that I am prone to use my own efforts to change the situations and circumstances that I face but I am reminded that we have a Father who is always looking to bless us with every good and perfect thing. All we need to do is wait for Him and enjoy the sweet blessedness of being in His care.

All posts concerning Waiting on God by Andrew Murray is accessed through the electronic edition provided by CCEL Classics.


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