Waiting on God (Second Day) – Andrew Murray

I found two parts in this chapter that resonated deeply with me. The first is how Murray describes God’s work in our hearts to be greater than the work of creation. Moreover, our ability to do God’s work in our hearts is as futile as our ability to do God’s work in creation (para 23). I think this is a fitting illustration; both refer to the creative power of God. No matter how hard we try, we always fall short in saving ourselves. Just as in creation where God spoke and transformed chaos into order; he also ministers to us through the Holy Spirit in transforming our hearts. Our lives are messy and our only hope is for God to initiate change in our lives.

The second point is Murray’s statement that prayer is the chief instrument by which we wait on God (para 24). Prayer reminds us that we are always in dependence of God. It reminds us that we can only receive if we ask in humility and obedience. In our prayer lives, we often decide what we want and then go down the list asking God to grant those wishes as we see fit. However, is our prayer life an expression of our selfish desires that we want God to fulfill or are our prayers proclamations for God to change us as He desires?


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