Waiting on God (Third Day) – Andrew Murray

In this chapter, Murray focuses our thoughts on our dependence on God as His creatures. In our current society, the word “dependent” carries negative connotations of being helpless or useless. A quick look at government forms and applications would show that being a dependent implies that the individual is considered somewhat of a burden to others and society. Furthermore, our culture tells us to stand up and fight for what we supposedly deserve. Murray, however, reminds us that the root of our identity lies in our dependence on God (para 26). Instead of trying to grapple and struggle to gain our desires and wants, why don’t we go back to the Father who dispenses His manifold graces and blessings freely? Murray celebrates the fact that we can be utterly dependent on God for everything without worrying that He is unwilling or unable to provide for our needs.


Packer on Personal Holiness

I enjoyed the lecture that Packer delivered on personal holiness and how central it is for the Christian life. I think a lot of the time, I give myself plenty of slack on pursuing holiness thinking that it’s a lofty goal and there will be more opportunities later in life to live righteously. Perhaps it is the temptation of thinking that progressive sanctification means that we can take all the time in the world to pursue holiness. However, I am thankful how Packer reminds us that living the life of holiness is present-day duty, obligation, and blessing achieved only by the Holy Spirit’s transforming power. Life is only a fleeting moment; let’s not give ourselves the excuse to defer the need for holiness!