Knowing God – Chapter 1

I found this chapter to be quite relevant to me especially in the “Knowledge Applied” part. When we carefully consider our motivations for studying theology, I think that some of us would find that our purposes for digging into theology are less than noble. Especially when theology is now so accessible over the Internet, it is easy to get caught up with reading things without thinking critically. This is especially dangerous in that the Internet can be full of opinions that deviate far from what we consider to be historic, orthodox Christian theology. I know I have a tendency to jump to conclusions without being thorough in assessing the issues at hand. This chapter really gets me on my toes to stop being so lazy!

In a broad sense, I think the proliferation of theological education, is a double-edged sword to believers today. People all over the world have access to theological education through technology and it is a great blessing to the church. However, with this greater knowledge, we don’t always learn to let that theology travel from the mind to the heart. This is a lesson that I need to always remind myself. It is so easy and tempting to embrace the knowledge of God without embracing God Himself. We can learn so much in theology but still live unchanged and disobedient lives. Packer always emphasizes that theology is for doxology. Theology is only God-glorifying when it drives us to a deeper worship of Him.


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