Knowing God – Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, Packer moves on to examine the incarnation as the focal point of the “Christian spirit.” In this chapter, I find Packer’s exposition of John 1 to be very intriguing. I think he was able to clearly outline the tremendous meaning that the Holy Spirit wanted to convey through the apostle John. Also, I appreciate Packer’s reminder on how we easily lose sight of the fact that the incarnation is God’s ultimate demonstration of His love for His sinful creatures. I think Christians often forget that the Gospel is not about our journey to finding God; it’s about God’s initiating action to save us in our deceitfulness and wickedness. Perhaps our culture and surroundings in North America is too comfortable so that we frequently focus on ourselves instead of our Lord. It seems we are content to live our “middle-class” lives instead of committing ourselves to imitate the supreme example of humility and obedience found in Christ’s incarnation.


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