Knowing God – Chapter 7

In this chapter, Packer begins to discuss the attributes of God of which he starts with God’s immutability. It seems that Packer wants to remind this generation of Christians that the relevance of God and knowing Him is not based on our own thinking of feelings about Him but is based on God’s unchanging character. Packer reminds us that God’s faithfulness and love stays the same regardless of time, space, or circumstance. We may change in our attitudes, behaviour, and actions toward God but He will always be the same yesterday, today, and forever. This brings much comfort to ┬áme as I reflect on how powerless we are when we deal with life’s issues may it be small everyday inconveniences or great tragedies that shock the world. No matter what may go wrong and how we stray from Him, God remains as the great “I am” who is “slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.”


Knowing God – Chapter 6

In this chapter, Packer concentrates on the third Person of the Godhead and offers very refreshing advice on how we are to embrace the Holy Spirit in our Christian lives. Indeed, I think that most of us tend to place our emphasis on the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit but never seem to address all three in our daily lives. As the historical creeds state, we are to worship one God who exists eternally in three Persons. One way that I think Trinitarian living can impact us is in our prayer life. The Bible makes it clear that we pray to the Father, in the Son’s name, and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Thus when we pray, we are actively interacting and dialoguing with all three Persons of the Trinity.

Focusing back on the work of the Holy Spirit, I think that if more Christians were empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Gospel would be spreading like wildfire just as in the days of the early church. However, I think in this rationalistic generation, we have chosen to either ignore or disregard the Holy Spirit who was to be another Helper to be with us forever (John 14:16). The disciples only had Jesus for awhile but we get to have the Holy Spirit for a lifetime! I think that we miss experiencing God fully when we choose to forfeit the indwelling and advocacy of the Holy Spirit.