Knowing God – Chapter 13

In this chapter, Packer dissects the doctrine of grace and the implications that it should have on a Christian’s life. What impacted me most in this chapter is Packer’s reminder that grace is something that never leaves the Christian’s walk with God. Not only do we experience grace that is freely dispensed by God who draws sinners to Himself through the sacrifice of His Son but we are also sustained by grace each and every day. We can’t do anything to change our position before God because He’s the one who initiates, sustains, and completes our salvation. If we understand that God is the author and perfecter of our faith, we have no choice but praise and respond to God in gratitude and thankfulness.


Knowing God – Chapter 12

In this chapter, Packer reflects on God’s love for us as His creatures. What I found most intriguing was Packer’s assertion that God has tied His own happiness to ours. This is such an awesome thought that the Triune God who already enjoyed perfect happiness in all eternity has chosen to express His love to us despite our sinfulness. When I ruminated on this fact, I find that we can often take His love for granted each day when we forget to be thankful for his covenant faithfulness and loving kindness in all things great and small.  Being thankful is more than just praising Him, our thankfulness should spur us towards loving Him and others. Moreover, we find it easy to say that God loves us but we are typically very hesitant in showing God’s love to others. We often choose to excuse ourselves by stating that we, being limited human beings, can’t love the way that God loves. However, if we are truly Christ’s followers, the Holy Spirit is within us, moving us to love even those that we would never be able to in our own power