Knowing God – Chapter 15

In this chapter, Packer reminds us of what God’s wrath is and how it is considered an aspect of God’s just character. I agree with Packer that many Christians tend to avoid discussing God’s wrath as the term seems to carry with it negative connotations. However, the God that we know from the Bible not only loves mercy but upholds justice. As Christians, reflecting on God’s wrath should cause us to praise God for the fact that He will not leave evildoers unpunished but will avenge the righteous.

Furthermore, we praise Him for providing us our salvation which is only through Christ. On the other hand, God’s wrath should motivate us to spread the Gospel to unbelievers around us who are still in danger of God’s holy anger towards their sin. Lastly, God’s wrath should spur us to live holy lives not because we fear judgement but because of our knowledge of God’s hatred for sin.


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