Book Review: One God in Three Persons

In One God in Three Persons, Bruce Ware and John Starke have assembled a collection of articles and essays focusing on the relational aspects of the Trinity and the implications to the Christian life. The authors offer different viewpoints in defending the eternal subordination of the Son to the Father. Ware and Starke point out that this topic has gained more attention in recent years as debates on gender roles have drawn upon the doctrine of the Trinity as evidence to bolster each side’s arguments. For egalitarians, the fact that all three Persons of the Trinity are one essence in all eternity is foundational to their argument for equality. However, complementarians point out that the essence of all three Persons is the same (immanent Trinity) but the functions attributable to each distinct Person (economic Trinity) shows a hierarchal relationship amongst the three in eternity. In the book, all eleven authors evaluate the issues from a Reformed perspective and draw upon Scripture and historical orthodox formulations of the Trinity to base their arguments. The scholars also take serious efforts to present the proofs offered by those of the opposition to allow readers to weigh the evidence on both sides.

With my limited ability and knowledge, I would not venture to summarize the contents of all the articles as it would certainly leave out too many details and likely cause readers much confusion. Thus, I urge interested readers to engage the arguments for themselves and consider the evidence being presented. The material is intellectually challenging but yet still readable to the astute lay person who wants an accessible primer on the topic. Most certainly, I would recommend this book to every Christian as it is essential for believers to have a biblical, orthodox understanding of the Trinity and its manifold implications on the Christian life.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission regulations, I was provided a free review copy of this book from Crossway.


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