Book Review: Jesus on Every Page

In Jesus on Every Page, David Murray attempts to show readers how all Scripture points us to Jesus. The thesis of the book is based on the Emmaus road narrative in which two disciples were met by Jesus who proceeds to explain all that is written about Him in the Law and Prophets. In the book, Murray explores the different Old Testament passages and genres to show that the authors, inspired by the Spirit, foreshadow the coming Messiah and King. For example, in the Pentateuch, we read about the promised Seed of Abraham who will make his name great and bless all the nations of the world. Even in the Poetry and Wisdom books, Murray explains that the true King of Israel proclaimed in Psalms and the true Wisdom described in Proverbs can only be perfectly realized in the God-man Jesus Christ. Through many other examples, Murray helps readers see that the people of the Old Testament, though only knowing in part and in shadows, put their faith in a future Saviour. Thus, the OT is not merely a historical record of Israel that bears no relevance to Christians of the new covenant. Instead, Murray reminds us that the Old Testament books we read are the very words that Jesus Himself read, meditated, and taught during His earthly ministry. If Jesus is the One that we put our faith in and He is found everywhere in the Old Testament, how can we ever deem the OT as being irrelevant or unimportant to us today?

I would definitely recommend this book to those who struggle to find the connection between the Old and New Testaments. Murray avoids employing any technical terminology and uses various passages to guide readers in finding Jesus in the Old Testament. We may often favour the New Testament because we feel the teachings seem easier to understand and the contents appear more relevant to our everyday lives. Conversely, the Old Testament comes across as out-dated, incomprehensible, and challenging to read. Murray argues against this way of thinking and encourages us to dig into the Old Testament to see how Jesus is embedded in each and every word. Furthermore, as those who have access to the entire canon of Scripture, we are able to put our faith in the revealed Saviour, something those who have gone before us like Abraham, Moses, and David were only partly aware of. Thus, let us pick up our Bibles and savour with renewed wonder, awe, and thanksgiving how each and every word of Scripture displays and reveals Christ.


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