Ferguson on Seeing the Father through Christ

“Since no man can see God and live, the only way we can do this (for that matter, the only way the seraphim can ever do this) is by indirect means—by seeing the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. We cannot look into the eyes of the Father and hold our gaze, as though we had access to His eternal being. Rather, we must, as it were, stand on the circumference and watch the eyes of the God-man Jesus Christ as He gazes on His heavenly Father. In this we are like those who take the greatest delight and pleasure in seeing two lovers “made for each other” engaging in a human perichoresis of mutual affection, admiration, and devotion that is marked by open self-giving to one another and total satisfaction in one another. When we see the face of the Father reflected in the eager eyes of His Son incarnate, then we find ourselves worshiping and ever crying with the seraphim, and with all the choristers of heaven, ‘Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts,’ as though we were witnessing the display of a trillion laser beams of light, pure and intense.”

Sinclair Ferguson in Holy, Holy, Holy


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