Carson on Christian Identity

“From darkness into light, from ‘no mercy’ to mercy, from ‘not God’s people’ to ‘God’s people.’ Such an identity is not established by banging a drum, declaring we are Christians, preaching unity as an end in itself, and singing ‘Kum Ba Yah.’ It is grounded in what God has done in Christ Jesus, and as a result, we become, so help us God, so God-obsessed, so Christ-obsessed, so cross-obsessed, so truth-of-the-gospel-obsessed that all of our diversities, all of our other corporate identities, however pleasurable, ephemeral, attractive, or interesting they may be, though in any other framework they may serve to push us apart, now become part of the spectrum that brings glory to our Creator and Redeemer—this holy diversity in the church of the living God.”

D.A. Carson in Holy, Holy, Holy


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