Peterson on Christ as Wisdom

“This same Christ, now risen and glorified, gives a salvation expressed in different pictures. The wisdom he became for us includes righteousness, holiness, and redemption, all of which Christ imparts to those united to him. He gives righteousness, a term that speaks of our acquittal by God the Judge, now and in the last judgment. He gives holiness, a term that speaks of God’s making us his saints once and for all, and of our growth in purity and final presentation before God as sinless. He gives redemption, a term that speaks of our deliverance from sin’s bondage by the payment of a ransom price, Christ’s violent death. The wisdom that Christ became for us, then, has to do with gospel truth applied to life.”

Robert Peterson in Salvation Applied by the Spirit


Book Review: Just Do Something

In Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung hopes to convince his readers that finding the will of God is not as challenging as some make it seem. The majority of the chapters involve dissecting misconceptions on finding God’s will and the author’s perspective on how these views are oftentimes unhelpful and confusing. With a lighthearted approach, DeYoung discusses some common methods that people may use to inquire of God’s will such as using Gideon’s wool, open doors, and other signs. Whatever avenues one uses to find God’s will, the approach that the author would most certainly object to is to plainly do nothing as denoted by the book’s title. DeYoung suspects that many younger generation Christians are afraid of the consequences of picking a path that would fall outside of God’s predetermined plan for their lives. DeYoung points out that many would rather wait on the sidelines until they can perceive a clear sign from God on which way to go rather than risk either missing or misconstruing God’s will. However, the author argues that God’s sovereignty oversees all the decisions we make and the way to go about life’s decisions rests on simply stepping out in obedience and allowing God to lead the way. As long as we strive to honour God in all our decisions, consider carefully the facts with the rational mind God has given us, and step out in faith, we can pick amongst any option made available to us. To close off the book, the author helpfully dedicates the last couple of chapters to providing practical advice on how we should approach decisions on work and marriage.

I would gladly recommend this book to Christians of all ages anxiously waiting for God to reveal the next step in their lives. I wish I could have read this when I was younger as I incessantly went back and forth trying to figure out what job God wanted me to do. DeYoung’s advice may seem too simple to be true but if we believe that God loves and cares for us, we should be confident that He will reveal His will to us when we obey Him. The author points out that God has no reason to hide His will from us but instead hopes for us to rely on Him no matter what decisions that we may make. As long as we love God and those around us in whatever that we do, we can rest assured that we are within God’s will for us.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I received a review copy from Moody Press in exchange for a book review.

Peterson on Mutual Indwelling

“We maintain the Creator/creature distinction and insist that the members of the Trinity indwell one another and us in ways we do not indwell the Trinity. Still, it is mysterious and marvelous to try to understand that believers are ‘in’ the Trinity. In a creaturely, grace-caused way, through Christ we participate in the divine love and life the Trinitarian persons have always shared.”

Robert Peterson in Salvation Applied by the Spirit