Book Review: A Neglected Grace

In A Neglected Grace, Jason Helopoulos writes on the importance of reviving the practice of family worship in the Christian home. In our busy lives, we tend to push off family worship either as being archaic or superfluous. However, the author argues that we are missing a valuable means of grace by which God and His Word can impact all the member of the family. Helopoulos begins by establishing the reasons for which family worship is edifying to the Christian family. Although the Bible does not explicitly outline what family worship looks like, there are many commands and examples in Scripture that calls for spiritual instruction to take place in the home. Furthermore, the author draws out the numerous benefits of family worship which include increasing in the knowledge of Scripture, strengthening familial bonds, and raising up godly children. Moreover, Helopoulos makes it a point to encourage readers to begin or restart family worship with small steps focusing on prayer, Scripture, and singing as the key elements to family worship.  The appendix contains many helpful resources including samples of catechisms, worship structures, and readings that could be adapted to one’s family worship.

I am happy to recommend this book to the countless fathers and mothers who either have not started family worship or have become disappointed in their attempts. This book is a great reminder and encouragement for me as I repeatedly fail to incorporate family worship on a consistent basis in our home.  I appreciate how Helopoulos reiterates several times that family worship is a means of grace and not a burden on our backs. No one would doubt that family worship is vital to the spiritual life of the family and especially to the next generation. However, we often fail may it be due to lack of time, resources, or determination. Nevertheless, Helopoulos encourages parents, especially fathers, to not give up on family worship as a precious means of grace to experience a deeper spiritual life together as a family unit.


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