Beale in God’s Sovereignty in Interpretation

“Whenever we interpret rightly it is because of God’s sovereign direction. In an ultimate
sense, God directs every part of the interpretive process. If God’s will has brought about the events narrated in Scripture and has superintended the biblical writers to record and interpret these events, we should also maintain that he guides our interpretation of Scripture. Scripture plainly says that God is sovereign over all things, and this
must include our interpretation of Scripture.”

G.K. Beale in Seeing Christ in All of Scripture


Book Review: The Blessing of Humility

BLOG The Blessing of Humility

In The Blessing of Humility, Jerry Bridges reminds Christians that we are all called to a life of humility as exhibited by our Lord Jesus during His earthly ministry. Bridges focuses on the Beatitudes as the blueprint to illustrate how true humility can only be practiced through a proper understanding of the gospel itself. In each chapter, the author illustrates how each of these blessings can be experienced by those washed by the blood of Jesus who humbled Himself and died for us on the cross. The material is infused with examples and reflections from Bridge’s wide-spanning ministry and his deep love for God’s Word. Moreover, I appreciate how Bridges constantly reminds believers that humility is not something that happens overnight or by chance but is a fruit of the Spirit that is the result of the Holy Spirit’s transforming power. On the other hand, the author urges believers against falling into spiritual laziness and emphasizes our responsibility in continuously striving for spiritual growth and holiness. Overall, the book is very accessible as Bridges jumps right into the central message of each beatitude and how it can be applied to the Christian life.

I would gladly recommend this book on humility to all Christians. In our society today the call to humility is often drowned out by the dominating messages of selfishness and self-esteem. For Christians however our humble attitude comes from realizing our inadequacy outside of Christ. Bridges hopes for believers to understand that humility is not an option for followers of Christ as we are called to exhibit that same humility every day of our lives. The Beatitudes are not simply encouraging words that Jesus used to comfort those who are oppressed, rejected, and abused in the present of a future state of heavenly bliss. Instead, Bridges argues that these proclamations are present imperatives that Christians need to strive for on the path to learning how to humble ourselves just as Christ did.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I received a review copy from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for a book review.

Book Review: My Little Prayers

BLOG My Little Prayers

My Little Prayers is a collection of simple prayers compiled for toddlers and preschoolers. The book itself is fairly small in size which makes it suitable for children to carry around and parents to bring along on road trips. The book is divided into eight sections with a different focus such as “My Bedtime” and “My Feelings.”  This arrangement is helpful in that young children can learn that prayer is essential to their daily lives and there is nothing too small to pray for. The prayers consist of a wide variety of different sources including traditional and contemporary authors which makes the book enjoyable for adults too. The illustrations are vivid and colourful allowing children to be engaged with the subject being prayed about. However, one weakness is that some of the prayers are quite lengthy and contain more advanced vocabulary or older English phrases (e.g. “thee”) which may make it challenging for toddlers to understand the meaning and lose interest. Thus, this book is most suitable for adults to read along with their children to offer help and guidance.

I would gladly recommend this book to anyone looking for a prayer book for their young children. I appreciate the publisher’s intent in showing children that prayer is linked to every part of our lives. Adults reading this book would also benefit themselves when reading and explaining the prayers to children.

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Piper on Sin

“Before Christ, sin is not an alien power in us. Sin is our preference for anything over God. Sin is our disapproval of God. Sin is our exchange of his glory for substitutes. Sin is our suppression of the truth of God. Sin is our heart’s hostility to God. It is who we are to the bottom of our hearts. Until Christ.”

John Piper in Living in the Light

Hamilton on the Church

“Satan is not trying a new strategy against the church. He is pursuing the same strategy he pursued against the Messiah. Satan is trying to destroy the church the same way he tried to destroy Jesus. God will get glory over Satan as the church is faithful unto death the same way he got glory over Satan as Jesus conquered by being faithful unto death.”

James Hamilton Jr. in What is Biblical Theology?