Book Review: God’s Little Lambs Bible Stories


In God’s Little Lambs Bible Stories, Julie Stiegemeyer (author) and Qin Leng (illustrator) collaborate to create a colourful children’s storybook Bible with thirty five stories covering both the Old and New Testaments. Readers may not necessarily agree with all the stories chosen such as the healing of the crippled man and the apostle Paul being shipwrecked on his missionary journey in Acts. However, I would say that the author’s selection is fairly intentional in highlighting critical covenant narratives such as Adam, Noah, Moses, David, and Jesus. Introducing covenant theology to children at a young age allows them to begin grasping the Bible’s storyline and develop a framework for further deepening their understanding of the Bible. Each story is concise yet detailed and attempts to retain the wording of adult Bibles so adults will need to be prepared to explain the meaning of more challenging narratives such as the Last Supper and Jesus’ crucifixion. As for the pictures, each page is filled with bright and eye-catching illustrations with careful attention to details. Each story occupies around four pages and will always end with a short sentence to apply the lesson learned through the story. For the most part, the applications are appropriate and may be helpful to parents looking for a quick reference in teaching their children during nighttime devotions. However, I would encourage parents to keep working with their kids to dig deeper in God’s Word to understand the original meaning and wider applications of each story. It is critical to teach our children as they grow up to plumb the depths of Scripture instead of simply stopping with a moral lesson. However, I do appreciate the author’s motivation to provide an accessible storybook Bible to help whet the appetites of children for God’s Word.

I would recommend this book to children between the ages of four to six as the stories are relatively long and the words may be hard to understand. By this age, many of these stories may be familiar to children as taught in Sunday School or bedside devotions. God’s Little Lambs Bible Stories deepens the impression of these narratives through vivid illustrations and lengthier text that helps children gain a greater knowledge of God’s Word and the Bible’s grand storyline. Most importantly, the focus is squarely on Christ as the New Testament portion consists of sixteen stories on Jesus and encourages little ones to take on the task of spreading the good news of the gospel in the last two stories on the apostles. In summary, this book may not be a typical children’s Bible but would be a great tool to transition kids to begin reading God’s Word for themselves.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I received a review copy from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a book review.


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