Martin on Hurt and Forgiveness

“In the mess of church life, where we ricochet between a various assortment of church hurts, we’re failing at something far more significant than sinning against our brothers and sisters. We’re forgetting the reason we’re even able to call them brothers and sisters. We’re forgetting that because of Jesus, we share a brotherhood with eternal continuity due to the commonality we share in Christ. Has that ever occurred to you? Sometimes it feels as if the easiest thing to do when someone has slandered or gossiped against you is to break ties and run like a screaming hyena out of the foyer and speed away. Maybe the hurt from a trusted friend cut so deep that you don’t know how to move on, forgive, or trust him ever again. In the moment, these torturous thoughts and erratic emotions are hard to move past. But they’re problematic for the long term because this person who sinned grievously against you is someone who has also been forgiven for past, present, and future sins. Like you.”

Ronnie Martin in The Bride(zilla) of Christ


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