Book Review: Gospel Fluency


In Gospel Fluency, Jeff Vanderstelt invites readers to become so acquainted with the gospel that all we do, say, and think centres upon the person and work of Jesus Christ. The author uses learning a language as a metaphor, the author states that it takes knowledge, wisdom, and practice in order for Christians to be comfortable living and sharing the good news that the Bible conveys. Vanderstelt focuses the first half of the book on outlining the overarching story of the Bible along with major themes to show that Jesus is the One who is to save and redeem us from Satan, sin, and death. The latter part deals with practical aspects of how we are to speak the good news to ourselves first and then to others around us so that Jesus is front and centre in all our conversations and actions. One example is by drawing a tree and its roots as a tool to analyze a particular area in our life whether we believe in God’s truths or the lies that Satan accuses us with. When we bear bad fruit such as excessive anxiousness and worry, we are rejecting the root biblical truth that God is the King of Kings who is omnipotent to fulfill all our needs. Thus, we need to turn in repentance and embrace the fact that Christ presently has authority over all things and nothing we encounter is out of His sovereignty. As such, we will then begin to bear good fruit such as patience and faithfulness when we encounter events that keep us awake at night. The author also uses numerous examples from his church community and personal relationships to illustrate how we can practically show others that Jesus is the ultimate answer to every weakness and deficiency we may experience in life.

I would gladly recommend this book to both Christians and unbelievers alike as the gospel is good news for all. For those who have not received Christ as Saviour and Lord, Vanderstelt’s book offers a concise yet comprehensive presentation of the gospel. For those who have put their faith in Christ, the author states that we are, in a sense, still in the process of being saved. This process is dictated by the Holy Spirit who is actively working in our hearts and transforming us to reflect Christ in all aspects of life. Salvation is more than just inheriting eternal life after death; we also possess all things that have been conquered by Christ through his earthly life, death, and resurrection. Furthermore, we need to tell others of the hope we have in Jesus by pointing to Him as the One who enables us to live an abundant and blessed life in the present and future.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission regulations, I was provided a review copy of this book from Crossway.


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