Book Review: Reset

BLOG Reset

In Reset, David Murray wants to help readers slow down and evaluate whether the pace at which they are conducting their life is realistic and sustainable. Murray points out that many Christians, especially pastors, seem to run out of gas much too soon due to numerous areas of stress and pressures in their lives. Recalling his own series of health setbacks, the author advocates a ten-step model to review and make changes to our lives to prevent unhealthy habits from being formed over time. The premise of the book is that God’s grace enables us to live purposefully without having to feel guilty for not doing enough or complacent in that we do nothing. Thus, we need to learn how to recalibrate our lives so that every opportunity is used to live grace-filled, intentional lives to glorify God. For example, Murray encourages readers to pursue a healthy diet and regular exercise to ensure one’s body is fit and well rested. He argues that Christians often view their physical bodies as being much less important than their spiritual health as focusing on the former may seem self-seeking and ungodly. However, the author points out that God created us as embodied souls in which both our physical and spiritual well-being are inextricably tied together in this life and the next. Thus, Murray offers suggestions on how to build up one’s physical fitness such as standing for extended periods of time and enrolling in an exercise program. Although the book is primarily aimed toward pastors and leaders, the applications are helpful for people in all walks of life.

I would gladly recommend this book to Christians looking for a practical handbook with implementable steps on how to re-orient their lives to glorify God. Indeed, we may be able to run at breakneck speed but the Christian life is a race that we not only participate in but need to run well and finish. Murray wants readers to comprehensively review the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of their lives and make the appropriate adjustments accordingly before God places barriers and setbacks to force us to do so. Instead of trying to cram activity into every available time slot in our schedules, we can fall back on God’s grace and receive each moment as being another opportunity to fuel us towards finishing our race well.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission regulations, I was provided a review copy of this book from Crossway.



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