Book Review: The Heart of the Church

BLOG The Heart of the Church

In The Heart of the Church, Joe Thorn introduces readers to the gospel which should always be the central focus of the body of Christ. The author breaks down the gospel message into three parts namely history, doctrine, and God. The history of the gospel is essentially an overview of the meta-narrative of the Bible and how each story leads to its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus. Next, Thorn goes on to explain crucial terms that are used in the gospel message such as reconciliation, forgiveness, and sanctification. The last part is a short theological primer on the gospel using a Calvinistic perspective based on the five points of TULIP. Throughout the book, Thorn is careful in remaining biblical and Christ-centered while not wading into jargon or terminology that would add confusion. Overall, the author is effective in using simple language to help those new to the Christian faith to grasp the essential truths of the gospel in a cohesive manner.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to get a quick introduction to the good news of Jesus. Although the book is just over 100 pages, Thorn does a remarkable job in being concise without missing critical details that would confuse readers unfamiliar with Christianity. Even those who have followed Christ for many years would benefit from this book as it is a helpful tool in learning how to present the gospel is an accessible way. I agree with the author that the gospel should be at the core of each local church and whenever we drift from it, we are not being faithful witnesses and ambassadors of Christ. May the message of Christ always be proclaimed by His people until the day He returns.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I received a review copy from Moody Press in exchange for a book review.


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