Book Review: Practicing the Power

BLOG Practicing the Power

In Practicing the Power, Sam Storms challenges Christians to experience the power of the Holy Spirit through the use of spiritual gifts. As a continuationist, Storms believes that the spiritual gifts as described in the New Testament still operate in the life of believers today. The book goes one step further and illustrates how spiritual gifts should be used in biblical and beneficial ways in the context of the local church. Storms uses his own church’s approach as a template for consideration and also mentions a number of his personal experiences with spiritual gifts either in his own life or those around him. Despite his insistence on the usage of spiritual gifts, the author urges caution and discernment to ensure that when these gifts are being exercised, God is the One who is glorified and the church as a whole is being built up. For example, he suggests that church leadership should be prepared to deal with how gifts of prophecy and tongues are to be exercised in public during worship services. What I appreciate about Storms is his straightforward style and logical arguments along with his practical suggestions which would be helpful to those who have not attended churches in which outward spiritual gifts are regularly practiced.

I would recommend this book to those who hope to learn more about how spiritual gifts should be used to edify the church. Regardless whether one holds to a continuationist or cessationist viewpoint, the material presented by Storms is helpful to challenge both sides to a greater appreciation of the Spirit’s work. Storms reminds those who doubt that despite many instances of misuse for the sake of fame, fortune, or recognition, the Holy Spirit is still actively dispensing His power on believers to further the gospel and build up Christ’s body. At the same time, Christians need to utilize wisdom and discernment to identify misuse or abuse of spiritual gifts and prevent such occurrences from becoming distractions that divert attention away from God.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I was provided a review copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers.


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