Book Review: This Changes Everything

BLOG This Changes Everything

In This Changes Everything, Jaquelle Crowe hopes to encourage Christian teens to live all of life through the power of the gospel. Young Christians often think that what they do now is either insignificant or meaningless. However, Crow argues that the adolescent years are critical to the formation of a mature Christian life. The author reminds that all who have been saved and redeemed by God from death to life by the precious blood of His Son can no longer live the same way regardless of one’s stage in life. In each chapter, Crowe highlights a specific arena in life such as our community, habits, and relationships that need to be transformed in light of our blood-bought status in Christ. For example, in Chapter 8, Crowe discusses how our relationships with parents, siblings, and friends are no longer self-focused and self-serving but should instead be marked with humility and love for the other party. Even our relationships with the opposite gender is to be characterized by purity, respect, and honour. At the end of each chapter, there are dozens of practical suggestions that readers can try as they begin the process of submitting every thought, word, and deed to bring glory to God.

I would gladly recommend this book to young Christians looking for ways to genuinely live out their faith in all spheres of life. Although meant for a younger audience, the book’s challenge to live in a disciplined, Christ-centered way is applicable and necessary for all those who follow Jesus. As a young adult, Crowe’s honesty about her own struggles in following Christ faithfully makes the book relevant and attractive to teenaged Christians who face similar challenges. Instead of wasting those precious years of youth, now is the time for young Christians to take their walk with God seriously and develop godly habits to carry over into their adult lives. Even for those beyond their teen years, it is not too late to begin living abundant, gospel-driven lives as God always provides grace and mercy to those who seek Him. May we consecrate every moment of our lives to bring God all the glory that belongs to Him alone.


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