Book Review: My Jesus Bible

BLOG My Jesus Bible

In My Jesus Bible, young children are invited to follow the story of Jesus from His birth, life, death, and resurrection. Each of the chapters are brightly illustrated with great attention to detail. Moreover, each story remains largely faithful to the biblical text with slight adjustments to tailor the material towards the target audience (ages three to five) such as using the word “helpers” instead of “disciples.” The stories highlight critical points in Jesus’ life such as His temptation in the desert, His baptism by John the Baptist, and His first recorded miracle at Cana. However, there are two weakness that I noticed while reading the book. Firstly, the chapters do not include the specific biblical references pertaining to the respective narrative. Knowing where to find the story can help children draw the connection that the story is found in the Bible and not merely a fictional tale. The second weakness is that the gospel message seems to be somewhat muted as the reason for Jesus’ death on the cross is not made clear. For young readers being introduced to the gospel, it is an opportune time to bring up the concept of sin as children may end up quite confused as to why Jesus had to die in the first place if He was so kind and loving to those around Him.

I would recommend this small book that chronologically retells the story of Jesus in an abbreviated manner while maintaining the integrity of the Scriptural text. The pages contain attractive pictures and the book itself is made of sturdy cardboard material that enables toddlers to turn the pages easily. Moreover, this resource provides a suitable foundation for kids to become familiar with Jesus and His story as they eventually move on to read lengthier children Bibles. As mentioned above, the significant drawback though is that human depravity was not emphasized sufficiently which may impair young children’s initial grasp of the gospel message.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I was provided a review copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers.


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