Book Review: Asking the Right Questions

BLOG Asking the Right Questions

In Asking the Right Questions, Matthew Harmon introduces a series of thoughtful questions that help Christians understand and apply God’s Word. The author first argues that familiarity with the entire biblical metanarrative is crucial for Christians to rightly appreciate how a particular passage fits into God’s redemption plan. Moreover, Harmon insists that all reading of Scripture should be Christ-centered and approached with an emphasis of how the gospel gives us hope in response to the effects of the Fall. Harmon’s method can be summarized in eight questions. The four foundational questions focus on what we learn about God and people and how to relate to them. The four application questions revolve around what God wants us to think/understand, believe, desire, and do. In addition, the book includes three helpful appendixes including tips for those who teach the Bible to small and large groups and a brief introduction to reading different genres within the Bible. Although the ideas that Harmon presents are relatively simple, the suggestions are accessible first steps to engage Scripture in a reflective, systematic manner. However, the author also rightfully points out that we can only understand Scripture when we humbly ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the text and apply the truths to our hearts and minds.

I would recommend this book to all Christians and especially those who feel challenged in reading the Bible daily. Many new believers feel daunted by the task and often become discouraged early on resulting in a stunted spiritual life. Harmon argues that a good starting point for believers is to read the Bible and ask appropriate questions to help bring out the riches of the biblical text. Furthermore, we must have eager, humble hearts that asks for the Spirit’s guidance as we seek His wisdom and truth which leads to repentance and faith. Christians, regardless of how long they have been converted, are commanded to be immersed in God’s Word and this book is a wonderful resource for those looking for a place to begin. Those who aim to mature in their faith should strive to access more advanced resources on biblical interpretation and hermeneutics that will further refine and expand their ability to comprehend and integrate Scriptural truth into their lives.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission regulations, I was provided a review copy of this book from Crossway.


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