Book Review: God Bless My School

BLOG God Bless My School

In God Bless My School, Hannah Hall and Steve Whtilow bring young children on a journey through a day at school. The book begins from waking up and preparing for school to ending with free play in the school playground to conclude the day. Each page is brightly illustrated with cute animals that range from giraffes to porcupines. In addition, the words are in large print of four lines with a rhyme in the second and fourth line that makes the concepts fun and easy to understand. Moreover, the book itself is made of durable cardboard material which is handy for small fingers learning to turn the page on their favourite books. The only drawback that I notice is that God is seldom mentioned throughout the book. Given that the book is from a Christian publisher and the purpose is to help quell anxious feelings of young ones, it would seem appropriate to have more references to God and how He is present at school.

I would recommend this book for young kids getting ready for their first day at daycare or preschool. As many children become anxious or scared when the first day of school comes around, parents can help ease the nervousness by showing kids that school is an enjoyable place to learn and play with friends. Parents may not be able to be with their kids while they are at school but knowing that God is always there is crucial to helping young ones transition smoothly into an unfamiliar environment and learn about God’s abiding presence.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I was provided a review copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers.


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