Furman on Doctrine in Life

“But if our destiny is to become what we are in Christ, what does it matter what we think? Is our transformation not inevitable? What do these detailed doctrinal implications really do  for us? Well, simply put, what we believe concerning doctrine determines the way we respond to God, his church, and this world, which in its present system is marked out for destruction.

Doctrine matters when you’re reading the news and can’t stop weeping. It matters when your neighbor tells you she’s pregnant, and the next time you see her, she says, ‘I took care of the problem.’ It matters when your husband comes home from the office early with a cardboard box full of his pictures and lunch dishes from work. It matters when you’re facing another evening of free time and you feel restless. It matters when your prayers are answered and a door to share your faith swings wide open. When your new medication doesn’t do anything; when you get a raise; when your laptop crashes; when you are shopping at the grocery store; when your child rolls his eyes at you; when you’re laughing so hard your face hurts; and when you get a phone call you never thought you’d receive. In every moment of life, doctrine matters. From the global concerns that affect everyone on this planet to the minutiae of our vaporous lives, doctrine matters.”

Gloria Furman in Alive in Him


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