Book Review: Jesus

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In Jesus, A.W. Tozer invites Christians to gain a greater understanding of the person and work of Jesus Christ. These selected writings span a wide range of theological concepts that are critical for believers to grasp hold of. Tozer reminds us that Christ exists eternally as the second Person of the Trinity who is the exact imprint of the Father. Moreover, Jesus created all things and continually sustains His creation for His glory and honour. As the Son of God, He reveals to us the Father and dwelt among us in human flesh but without losing His divinity. As the Son of Man, He came to sympathize with our condition and took upon Himself our sins and weaknesses as the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world. In addition, He has become our Mediator as the One who obeyed the law perfectly and offered His blood as propitiation to make us right with God. Furthermore, by the Spirit’s power, He resurrected from the dead and now sits at the right hand of the Father ruling over all. Although Christ has ascended into heaven, He is still always present with us through His Spirit and in His handiworks. Lastly, we have the glorious hope in knowing that Jesus will return and re-create the world where He will rule as King forever.

I would heartily recommend this book as the selected topics are vital to the cultivation of a robust spiritual life. Christology is one of the most crucial theological doctrines since the Christian life is utterly dependent on person and work of Jesus Christ. Tozer’s reflections and pastoral concerns are just as important to believers today as doctrinal and cultural attacks on Christianity most often involve rejections or distortions of Christ as presented to us in the Bible. We need to embrace Jesus as the perfect God-man who has always existed with the Father and Spirit but chose to put on human nature as part of God’s divine redemption plan. Tozer shows us that He is Creator, Sustainer, Benefactor, Miracle Worker, Saviour, Offering, Lord, Remedy, Mediator, and Priest. When we continuously meditate on what Scripture teaches us about Christ, we will enjoy sweeter fellowship with God and aim to walk blameless lives to prepare ourselves to meet our King.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I received a review copy from Moody Press in exchange for a book review.


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