Book Review: The Master’s Mind

BLOG The Masters Mind

In The Master’s Mind, Lance Hahn urges Christians to defend their minds from the attacks of the world, the flesh, and the Devil. Hahn highlights how our thoughts are critical in shaping how we interact with the circumstances and people that we encounter daily. The author asserts that the best way to protect our minds is to actively put off our sinful old ways and take on life-giving thoughts through Scriptural truth and God-centered thinking. Hahn then outlines strategies that believers can use to equip themselves to counter strikes. For example, the author mentions Ephesians 6 in its depiction of the combat attire that Christians need to protect themselves from Satan’s attacks. Another strategy is to run away from temptation like Joseph and not allow our fleshly desires to gain a foothold. The most beneficial takeaway is the point Hahn makes on how we need to firmly grasp our new identity in Christ. Through Jesus, we can live victoriously and courageously as we have died to our old selves and are now a new creation.

Although the author’s ideas are helpful and practical, I am wary of one suggestion Hahn makes in how we should think spiritual realities into actual realities (i.e. think as if you were victorious over a particular temptation). It seems to me that the author is mixing up biblical promises and gospel declarations with a psychological technique to wish things into existence. Furthermore, despite the valuable insights Hahn provides, he seems to have misplaced Scripture’s emphasis on what fuels our motivations as being the mind rather than the heart. Throughout the Bible, we see that the chief issue is whether our hearts are set upon worshipping idols or on the one true God. I am not arguing that we should not be careful of what comes across our minds or that we need to train our minds to be in tune with the Holy Spirit and Scripture. However, the more pressing issue is the loyalty of our hearts as we cannot think, reason, or argue our way to holiness. We need the transforming power of the Spirit to change our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. It is the work of the Holy Spirit and the truth of Scripture that continues to sanctify our hearts until we enter into glory. Without a heart attuned to Christ, all forms and techniques will fall short and we will experience no freedom from the barrage of attacks that Satan and our flesh assails.

I would recommend this book with caution and urge readers to consider what Scripture says about our sanctification. The author offers many valid observations and tips that are largely constructive but the main premise seems to be anchored in the wrong assumption of what steers our motivations. If we concentrate on trying to make improvements to our thinking without changing our heart’s desires, we can only expect frustration and despair. Godly living does require deliberate actions and hard work but we need to first admit our inability and call to Him to rescue and restore us through Christ. It is only when we flee to Christ and submit ourselves wholly to God that we can experience true transformation and obedient hearts.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I was provided a review copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers.


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