Book Review: Supernatural Power for Everyday People

BLOG Supernatural Power

In Supernatural Power for Everyday People, Jared Wilson challenges Christians to embrace the work of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. Throughout the book, the author illustrates the defeated, powerless living we easily fall into through the story of an imaginary person named Bill. Bill can be described as a typical Sunday Christian whose rhythm of life is blurred in the ebb and flow of urban living and his spirituality is merely another component of his routine. Using Bill’s life as an analogy, Wilson outlines in ten chapters how dramatic transformation is possible when we walk in the Spirit. In chapters one to three, the convicting power and mysterious presence of the Spirit is introduced. We cannot force the Holy Spirit to act in our lives but we need to be ready, aware, and receptive when He opens our hearts and leads our lives. In chapters three to five, Wilson emphasizes the importance of hearing and conversing with the Spirit chiefly through reading Scripture and praying unceasingly. In chapter six, the topic of fasting is discussed as a means of experiencing the blessed fullness and contentment when we abide with the Spirit instead of the flesh. Furthermore, in chapter seven, the author describes how the Spirit counsels us by showering us with love and assurance about our identity in Christ during relational drama especially within the church. In addition, the next chapter delves into how the Spirit speaks comfort to us when we encounter trials and suffering. The ninth chapter revolves around spiritual gifts and how these gifts are intended to be used in serving God and edifying His people. The concluding chapter sums up the entire book by identifying the numerous ways in which the Spirit baptizes us in His power may it be for holiness, ministry, or evangelism. In summary, this book serves as a helpful survey of the vital role that the Holy Spirit plays in our everyday lives by bringing us in constant fellowship with the Father and the Son

I recommend this book to Christians who struggle in experiencing the liberating power of the Holy Spirit. Many Christians succumb to disappointment and despair as the worries and struggles of life distract us from focusing on God’s sovereignty and might. Furthermore, countless Christians slip into spiritual apathy without knowing it as they allow the routines of life supplant the transforming work of the Spirit. Wilson encourages Christians to become acquainted or reacquainted with the third Person of the Trinity as He is the One that Jesus sent to counsel and encourage us as we make our pilgrimage home. Moreover, the Spirit frees us from the entanglement of our fleshly desires and mortifies our sin so that we can live in holiness for His glory. In ignoring the vast spiritual resources attainable through being connected to God’s Spirit, we are denying ourselves of the sweetness and comfort of being in fellowship with God every day.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I was provided a review copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers.


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